May the social force be with you

With the rise of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and what not, also comes the rise of the so-called ‘social media experts’. People who surf on the wave of the hype, presenting themselves as gurus, imams and dominatrices of social media. They are the ones standing there with their nifty social whip, ready to give some expert spanking. So what kind of social media experts roam the digital marketing universe? Letʼs break this down from a Star Wars point of view.

1.The Jedi Master Influencer
This social media ‘Jedi Master Influencer’ is highly respected by others in his field. He is creative, wise and powerful. He expresses his beliefs and opinions courageously online, because he is comfortable and secure about his expertise in his field. He is the most powerful of all. He is not afraid to stand alone, if it’s for the things he beliefs in. You either worship him or hate him. People take his opinion seriously and he has somewhat of a stardom status. He prides himself for not being a follower. He switches from being a networker, to influencer and tech geek at will.

He switches from being a networker, to influencer and tech geek at will

2. The Obi Wan Kenobi Teacher
This social media ‘Obi Wan Kenobi Teacher’ is trained by The Jedi Master Influencer. His talent lies more in the knowledge aspect of things than in the engaging way of speaking and expressing. He says the things he needs to say online, with a clear purpose. To teach. He analyses, oversees and then decides carefully what the best strategy is. He collects content online and compiles it for his community. He is cautious, focused, consequent and somewhat traditional. He only takes risks when it’s necessary and when there is a lot at stake.

3. The Darth Vader Pretender
This social media ‘Darth Vader Pretender’ has befallen to the dark forces of commerce. He used to have a heart but then trauma made him turn into a commercial bad guy, who will stop at nothing to make money. Including posing as a social media expert. He has never really put the time and effort in mastering the craft other then just pretending, to gain more power and money at all costs. Even if that means polluting the online landscape for purely short-term financial gain.

This social media ‘Darth Vader Pretender’ has befallen to the dark forces of commerce

4. Han Solo the Explorer
This social media ‘Han Solo Explorer’ is consumed by the overwhelming sense of exploration and adventure. He is curious, fearless and learns by doing, falling and getting up. Han Solo is temperamental, considered something like a misfit. He may seem untrustworthy but is likable and in essence has a heart of gold. During the course he learns to share and express himself in a way that matches his chore. Evolving is Han Soloʼs main keyword.

5. Storm Troopers Followers
These social media ‘Storm Troopers Followers’ are following the crowd. They usually are harmless and do what they have been told without thinking for themselves. They usually need an authority figure around that tells them exactly what to do. There is no room for creativity. Quantity usually trumps quality. The main part of the social media landscape and users consists of Storm Troopers Followers.

The moral of this story is when dealing with social media experts, make sure you side with the people who win wars, not just battles. Work with leaders. Not followers and pretenders.