What you need to #GooglePlaces for business!

PIN Verification is required to confirm that the person claiming and verifying the listing through Google Places is actually the business
owner or an authorized representative of the business.

A PIN, also known as a verification code, is sent to either the business address or the business phone. The business owner then enters the PIN into the Google Places account. Once the listing has been verified, the listing will appear on Google.

If your listing is already has a ‘verified by the business owner’ stamp on its Place Page, you can still claim it again. Even after you verify, information you don’t provide may appear on your business’ Place Page. Remember, you don’t have control over all information on your business’ Place Page. Learn more about every section of a Place Page by taking this interactive tour. If your business’ Place Page contains wrong or outdated information, you can report these issues by using the Report a Problem link.

If you’re having trouble verifyin

What if I receive a postcard or phone call at my business that I did not request?
g your business, please visit our verification troubleshooter.


In some cases, an authorized Google representative may call or email you to verify the information in your business listing. Only official representatives of Google will be able to send you an email from a google.com address. A Google representative will never ask you for your account password, but may ask you for the email address you use to sign in to your account to confirm that you are the actual account owner.

If you receive a postcard or a phone call that you did not request, it’s possible that somebody is fraudulently trying to take over your business listing through a different Google Places account. Don’t worry – unless you shared a PIN from Google with someone who fraudulently requested it, nobody can fraudulently claim your business.
vía: http://support.google.com/places/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=17785



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