Are you losing fans? How to find out using Facebook’s secret negative feedback data

negative feedback facebook insights1 Are you losing fans? How to find out using Facebooks secret negative feedback data

Hiding within the Facebook Insights area of your company’s Facebook page is your engagement per post data, and hiding within that is your negative feedback data.

If you had never heard about negative feedback till now, then you’re not alone, so spread the word by sharing this article with those on your team who manage your page and with other business owners and admins in your network.

Here’s how to find out what your negative feedback rating is per post, what it means and why you should be worried

How to view your Negative Feedback data in Facebook Insights

Not only is this metric largely unknown, it’s also trickier to find than other data in the insights area of your page, hence my comment about it being secret, so bear with me here…

1 – Make sure your admin panel is showing at the top of your page first. If it isn’t, just click the ‘Admin Panel’ button top right.

2 – See the insights area bottom middle in the admin panel? Click ‘See All’ in the insights area in order to view your full insights data.

3 – You’ll be taken to the insights home page. Scroll down on that page and you’ll see the ‘Page Posts’ area which is a list of all your page posts (something like the screenshot below).

4 – The 4th column from the left is called ‘Engaged Users’. Just click on the number of engaged users for any particular post and voila! The breakdown of how many people engaged with you – including negative feedback engagement – appears.

I know, engagement sounds like a positive metric right? Sadly, not always…

Here’s how it looks:

negative feedback facebook insights 300x211 Are you losing fans? How to find out using Facebooks secret negative feedback data

Click to view larger image

So for the post above, 42 users engaged with the post, 2 of which gave negative feedback.

What does negative feedback measure?

This isn’t an all-inclusive measurement of negative feedback and does not measure sentiment in the way you might be used to with other measurement tools; however you should still be very worried if you’re regularly seeing negative feedback of any kind on your posts.

It’s important to check exactly which posts are attracting the negative behaviour in order to learnwhat’s helping and what’s harming your page.

At best that post reduced your audience, at worst it caused you to lose fans. Either way it’s bad news!

Negative feedback measures people who took the following actions from a particular post:

  • hid that one post from their news feed
  • hid all posts from your page from appearing in their news feed
  • unliked your page
  • reported your post as spam

When people make an effort to dislike something, they usually really, really dislike it.

Think about your own news feed. When you see a post that doesn’t interest you, what do you normally do? The usual action is no action, you simply ignore posts that don’t interest you.

So if your fans are hiding your posts or worse, then something serious is going wrong!

Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t break down the actions into more detail than just a total number of people who took a negative action or gave negative feedback, but given how much it takes to push fans to take one of the above actions, I’m sure you can now see why negative feedback should have you worried and no doubt keen to find out your own data.

As painful as this particular metric is, I’d certainly rather know what’s hurting my page than be in the dark. So go check out your negative feedback data now and let the learning begin!




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