Negative Feedback on #FacebookPages

I got an email today asking me what ‘negative feedback’ was on Facebook pages so I thought I would explain it here too.

Facebook Insights content

If you have experience with Facebook’s Insights, you have seen where your most recent and most popular content is listed. These content items are listed in Facebook Insights with: the post, the reach of the post, the number of engaged users, how many people were talking about this and the post’s virality.

Facebook negative feedback report

If you click on engaged users, it gives you a breakdown of how people were engaged with your content. Perhaps they watched the video, viewed the photo, clicked on something, created their own update from your post etc. You may also see any ‘negative feedback’ your post may have received. Negative feedback is defined as “People who hid your post or gave it negative feedback in their news feed”.

When your posts show up in someone’s news feed they have the option to like it or comment on it. They also have the option to hide the story, report the story as spam or to hide all stories from your organization. If they choose one of those latter options, it is considered ‘negative feedback’.

I don’t think this is something to really lose sleep over. I do think you should review negative feedback reports as you review your Facebook Insights. Knowing which content people don’t value or hide, will just help you to refine what you are delivering. Maybe it was worded wrong. Maybe you talk about your sponsors too much. Maybe you post too many photos or videos. Perhaps you post too frequently. It could be lots of things.

Don’t let negative feedback derail your efforts too much! Just let it help guide you in your content planning for the future!



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